About Us.

Fresh is Best.

At Freshco, we take great pride in our ability to cultivate some of the finest and freshest produce in all of New Zealand.

Our mission is to grow the best fruit and vegetables, using only the highest quality techniques and methods, so that we can provide our customers with the freshest and most delicious produce possible.

To ensure that our produce reaches our customers in the fastest and freshest condition, we have a dedicated marketing and logistics team that works tirelessly to get our products to consumers all over the world. We ship over 4,000 TEU container equivalents to our global customers each year, ensuring that our produce is delivered quickly and efficiently.

We understand that our customers have high expectations when it comes to the quality of their produce, which is why we make a commitment to them to always deliver a delicious and healthy eating experience.

We believe that our dedication to freshness and quality is what sets us apart from our competitors, and we strive to maintain this standard every single day.

Rows of apple trees in blossom on one of our Hawke's Bay Orchards

Our Values.

Smaller Dedicated Team

We are a small but dedicated team that puts its customers first in everything we do.

Integrated Supplier Chain

We manage our own orchards and pack houses. This is complemented by our strong relationships with other leading growers. This means we can strip out costs, offering competitive pricing to our customers.

Sustainable Practice

We love our country and are committed to looking after our land. So we must operate in a way that minimises our impact on the environment.

Fresh is Best

From growing, picking and packing, through to delivery of produce, everything we do is in the pursuit of freshness.

Three pickers on ladders during apple harvest

The Fresh Fruit Company of New Zealand, since 1989.

Freshco is a leading export business that was founded in 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Over the years, we have grown to include orchards, packing houses, coolstores, and offices in key growing locations throughout the country. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-quality produce to customers all over the world.

One of our key growing locations is Hawke's Bay, where we consolidate our fruit with other quality growers to provide significant volumes of produce that comply with the stringent quality and safety requirements of our increasingly sophisticated customers worldwide.

In addition to our own operations, we have also formed strategic joint ventures with key growers in other regions. For example, in 2004, we established Freshco Nelson Limited, a joint venture with apple growers in Nelson. This company manages all aspects of apple production, including harvesting, packing, coolstorage, shipping, and marketing, and is partly owned by the growers it serves.

Similarly, we established a joint venture in 2004 to market squash (kabocha pumpkins) with key squash growers from Gisborne and Hawkes Bay. This venture manages the export of over 15,000 tonnes of squash to Japan and Korea annually.

We are also proud to represent Leaning Rock Cherries, a group of outstanding growers. We have been the sole marketer of their product for over 20 years, and we are committed to promoting their high-quality cherries to customers around the world.

Our Team.

The team behind Freshco is a dedicated and passionate group who are committed to providing the highest quality produce to our customers.

Our team includes experienced growers, skilled packers, and efficient logistics specialists, all working together to ensure that our produce is of the highest caliber.

Together, we form the backbone of an operation that is committed to delivering a delicious and healthy eating experience to our customers every time.

The Freshco Hawke's Bay Team