Three Great Companies,
Three Good Men.

Freshco, Coxco Farming Ltd and NH Packing Ltd have formed a fully integrated company called Three Good Men who specialise in growing, packing and marketing squash.  

Our squash is supplied through a joint venture with two of New Zealand’s largest grower-packers. Together this joint venture grows, packs and exports squash from over 1,000 hectares annually, with approximately half coming from Gisborne and half from Hawkes Bay.

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A Bee in a Squash Flower

Three Good Men is one of the largest exporters of NZ Buttercup Squash (Kabocha), with our main export markets being Japan and Korea.

All of our squash is certified Export Grade 1 by the NZ Buttercup Squash Council Inc.

We pack in to wooden bins containing 540kg or 575kg net weight and offer size ranges of S (1-1.2kg), SM (1-1.4kg), M (1.2-1.4kg) and L (1.4-2.5kg).

We ship our Squash by conventional Reefer vessel or 40' HC Reefer containers. Each 40' Reefer container will hold 40 x 575kg bins with a total of 23,000kgs.

An Ebisu Squash


Market leaders in Japan. First class fruit with good size. Very sweet with outstanding taste. Fruit are flat, globe shape with dark green skin and thick yellow flesh. Fruit weight averages 1.7-1.9 kg but can range between 1.0 and 2.5 kg.

A bunch of Kuriyutaka squash


Kuriyutaka 7 is a squash variety for export to Japan and Korea.  It is later to mature with a dark green mottled skin and flat-round fruit shape with dark orange flesh. With good fruit set, it produces an attractive fruit with a thicker skin ensuring better storability. Still rather new to the market, it is becoming sought after in the Japanese market.

Two Hokkori Squash


A dry type kabocha squash with high quality. Uniform sweet fruit with dry texture. Fruit have black green skin and fruit shape is more globe shape than Delica. Fruit weight averages 1.7 to 1.9 kg but can range between 1.0 and 2.5 kg.

A bunch of Ajihei Squash


Ajihei is a famous dry squash variety for export to Japan and Korea. It’s a premium quality fruit with a dark green skin and highly uniform fruit in regards to fruit size and shape. Sought after in the Japanese market for its very dry and nutty flavour, Ajihei also has a high Brix.

A bunch of Kuranotakumi squash


This squash has a dark skin colour. It is a flat shaped fruit with dry flesh. Sweeter after a month of storage, ‘takumi’ has an excellent shelf life. The average fruit size is 1.8 to 2.0kg.