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"Workers needed now and for the 2022 apple harvest"

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Why Freshco

Smaller Dedicated Team

We are a small but dedicated team that puts its customers first in everything we do.

Integrated Supplier Chain

We manage our own orchards and pack houses. This is complemented by our strong relationships with other leading growers. This means we can strip out costs, offering competitive pricing to our customers.

Sustainable Practice

We love our country and are committed to looking after our land. So we must operate in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.

Fresh is Best

From growing, picking and packing, through to delivery of produce, everything we do is in the pursuit of freshness.



Breeze apple


Breeze is NZ's earliest harvested apple. It is sweet, aromatic and very crisp.

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Sonya apple


When you bite into a Sonya apple be prepared for an explosion of sweet juicy flavour.

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Emergo apple


Cheekie has a wonderfully distinctive flavour.

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Royal joburn apple

Royal Joburn

The Royal Joburn is a wonderfully sophisticated apple.

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NZ beauty apple

New Zealand Beauty

A New Zealand-developed apple from a cross of Gala and Splendour apples.

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Royal gala apple1

Royal Gala

This apple was developed in New Zealand and is the red colour of the Gala variety.

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Coxorange apple

Cox's Orange

A traditional tart apple that is classically used for desserts.

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NZ beauty apple

New Zealand Queen

A superb eating apple that is a cross between a Gala and Splendor.

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Braeburn apple


Developed in New Zealand this apple has a medium to high acidity.

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Fuji apple


This immensely flavourful variety, grows large in size.

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NZ rose apple

New Zealand Rose

This apple also developed in New Zealand is a sweet and crisp fleshed variety.

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Granny Smith apple

Granny Smith

A uniquely-developed New Zealand variety that is refreshingly tangy and crisp.

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Pink lady apple

Pink Lady

Developed in Western Australia, this apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams apples.

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Squash delica

Ebisu (Delica / Kurijiman)

Market leaders in Japan. First class fruit with good size.

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Squash hokkori T133 1

Hokkori T133

A dry type kabocha squash with high quality. Uniform sweet fruit with dry texture.

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K7 squash small

Kuriyutaka 7

Kuriyutaka 7 is a squash variety for export to Japan and Korea.

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Ajihei squash


A premium quality fruit with a dark green skin and highly uniform fruit in regards to fruit size and shape.

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Asparagus jersey giant

Jersey Giant

It produces medium to large green spears with purple bracts and fine flavour

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Asparagus pacific

Pacific 2000

A superior spear quality. It maintains a tight head at 25 cm and has an all-green spear with no purple blush

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Asparagus taramea


A delicious taste experience, producing sweet tender tips.

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Cherries bing1


Bings are large, dark and firm cherries that ship well and are high in anti-oxidants.

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Cherries stella1


Large dark red fruit of heart shape. Firm light red fleshed fruit glistens in time for Christmas picking

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Cherries summit1


Heart-shaped. Moderately firm, very sweet and aromatic, good flavor with a small stone

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Cherries lapin


Roundish heart-shaped. Quite firm, sweet, juicy, slightly acid with good flavour.

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Cherries lambert1


Heart shaped, Firm, slightly fibrous, juicy and good flavor.

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Cherries sweetheart


A large, bright red cherry maturing one week to ten days after Lapins (3 weeks after Bing).

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