New Zealand’s unique combination of warm summer sunshine, crisp winter frosts and clean pure waters allow our apples to ripen slowly, naturally and with the absolute minimum of human intervention. Because of this, they develop a naturally crisp texture and intense flavour.


Breeze™ is New Zealand's earliest apple to be harvested. It gives buyers the opportunity to be the first to launch the New Zealand season. It’s early, red and sweet.
Breeze is aromatic and very crisp.  Harvested at optimum maturity from the rich soils and warm climate of New Zealand, Breeze encapsulates the perfect combination of apple traits.

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Breeze apple
Sonya apple


The Shape of temptation

When you bite into a Sonya apple be prepared for an explosion of sweet juicy flavour. The Sonya is a relatively new apple, developed in the south island of New Zealand. The Sonya is a cross between a Red Delicious and Gala.

Sonya has two distinctive features. Firstly, its unusual shape - it is a very tall apple stemming from its parent Red Delicious. Sonya's other distinctive feature is its exceptional sweetness (even sweeter than Gala) - the flavour is strongly reminiscent of raw sugar cane blended with fruity flavour, and there is no trace of acidity whatsoever. Another great feature is it has exceptional storage and keeping qualities.

Sonya™. A heavenly spectrum of sweetness, crispness and fragrance

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Cheekie has a wonderfully distinctive flavour. Described as being slightly tropical with a hint of passion fruit accompanied by an ever-so-slight tartness, it offers a delightful eating experience. It’s a crisp and dense fleshed apple with a dark red blush.

To bite into a Cheekie is to experience an explosive juicy crunch that is deeply satisfying and enjoyable.

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Emergo apple
Royal joburn apple

Royal Joburn™

The Royal Joburn is a wonderfully sophisticated apple. Its taste profile is similar to the much-loved Braeburn, although slightly sweeter. It is however distinctively different in that it offers a beautiful full red blush.

It is crisp, without being hard, and is very juicy. It snaps cleanly to the bite, and there is an immediate rush of strong apple flavours. The overall taste is sharp and refreshing with a good balance of sweetness that appeals to the apple connoisseur.

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New Zealand Beauty

An apple developed in New Zealand, Beauty is a cross of Gala and Splendour apples.  It is medium-sized and has a unique rose pink skin colour.  It is crisp, juicy and has a sweet rich flavour.
NZ beauty apple
Royal gala apple

Royal Gala

This apple was developed in New Zealand and is the red colour variant of the Gala variety. It is derived from Cox's Orange, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious varieties. It is a very crisp and sweet apple, with a distinctive red fleck through the skin. Popular the world over, this apple is a must have!

Cox's Orange

A traditional tart apple that is classically used for desserts. This apple is one of the first to reach export markets. It has a red fleck on a light yellow skin.
Coxorange apple
NZ queen apple

New Zealand Queen

This apple has taken Asia by storm in recent times. A superb eating apple that is a cross between a Gala and Splendor. It is crisp, juicy and sweet. Has a pink colour and fantastic appearance, making it one of our most popular.


Developed in New Zealand this apple has a medium to high acidity. The tartness of it makes it more popular in Europe and North America. It has great storage quality and a distinctive crisp flesh. It has a bold red stripe on a partially orange-red colour with a green background.
Braeburn apple
Fuji apple


This immensely flavourful variety grows large in size. Known for crispness and super sweet flavour. It's very versatile and very good for cooking, as well as eating, because it holds its texture.

New Zealand Rose

This apple also developed in New Zealand is a sweet and crisp fleshed variety. This is a favourite among the New Zealand domestic market.
NZ rose apple
Granny Smith apple

Granny Smith

A uniquely-developed New Zealand variety that is refreshingly tangy and crisp. This apple is coloured bright green and has a white crisp flesh. A traditional apple in most world markets.

Pink Lady

Developed in Western Australia, this apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams apples. It is a sweet, tangy apple which has a pink blush over a green background. This medium-sized apple has a cream dense flesh that resists browning when cut.
Pink lady apple

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