Freshco Nelson

Freshco Nelson is a fully integrated Apple supply company, owned by growers and their export partner, Freshco. Their key objective is to provide quality fruit from tree to shelf, while offering growers and customers complete transparency throughout the supply chain.
Freshco Nelson is situated in Nayland Road, Nelson. The company’s role is to select, pack and store fruit to meet specific market demand. Alongside our field team, growers meet regularly, sharing growing and technical advice as the season progresses. At harvest, fruit is carefully monitored and selected to meet our customer’s requirements.
Our growers' aim is to achieve maximum on-orchard results by supplying to customer-specific programs, meeting their needs in terms of variety selection, size, colour and sweetness. All Freshco Nelson growers are Global GAP-accredited and follow our good agricultural practice philosophies. This is highlighted by our sustainable growing and new variety development programmes. Innovation, technical excellence and variety development are key drivers for our growers, who are among some of the best in New Zealand.


Freshco Squash / TGM

A joint Venture for Export Squash (kabocha). TGM stands for Three Good Men. This is a joint venture between: Freshco (the marketing Company in Auckland), Coxco Farming Ltd (a large grower/packer of squash in Gisborne) and NH Packing Ltd (a large grower/packer of squash in Hawke's Bay).
TGM coordinates the growing packing and shipping for over 1,000 hectares of squash annually, producing over 15,000 tonnes exported to Japan and Korea. The business contracts with key customers in those markets, and then arranges for the growing, harvest, quality control, packing and delivery of squash over the four months from January to April. Each paddock (field) is selected and then planted with the exact variety for a pre-planned harvest date, with weekly volumes meeting the advance customer orders.


TGM Korea Ltd.

To ensure superior quality delivery into this key and developing market, we established with our Korean partners, our own grading facility and re-packing line in Busan, South Korea.  This business markets our own products to key wholesalers, processors and retailers, throughout Korea during the New Zealand season as well as handling product from Korean growers during their season.



We source all of our Asparagus from The Tender Tips Company, located in the Horowhenua district of New Zealand. Tender Tips grows the finest export quality asparagus on the highly fertile alluvial soils between the Tararua Ranges and the Tasman Sea. The area's climate is ideal for asparagus to thrive and grow into sweet, tender spears.

The computerised grading equipment, specially developed by Tender Tips and Palmerston North's Massey University, grades the asparagus to a very high specification, producing very accurate bunch weights and very even spear sizes. This, along with highly skilled staff, produces a high quality bunch that has excellent appeal on the supermarket shelf.


Sage Fruit

A unique growing partnership with Sage Fruit in Yakima WA has been developed, which sees joint marketing efforts applied to fruit grown in both NZ and in the USA.
Sage Fruit markets Freshco’ s New Zealand grown fruit throughout North America, as well as growing the same proprietary varieties that Freshco owns and grows in New Zealand, such as Breeze, Sonya and Emergo. Further, Freshco assists Sage with the sales of USA grown apples into export markets across the globe.

This cooperation extends beyond variety ownership and management, to exchanges in ideas across both businesses. Team members from our growing, warehousing and sales and marketing, work together to extend each company’s knowledge, whilst helping personal development across the partnership.


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