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of Quality Fruit Purées, Apple Pie Mix and NFC Juices

A Cocktail made from our strawberry purée

Made from Local Produce
since 1981

A trusted supplier of fruit purees and juices for over 40 years, we supply food and beverage manufacturers both in New Zealand and internationally.

Frupak Apple Juice in a glass on a board of cut apples

Apple Or Pear Juice NFC

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Apple Pie Mix

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An apple pie next to our apple pie mix
An apricot tart made using our apricot puree

Hot-Fill Purées

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Blueberry Muffins made using our blueberry purée

WE provide
Quality Processed  FRuit Products

Frupak has been a leader in the fruit processing industry since introducing our original Apple Pie Mix in 1981.

Expertise you can trust

Since launching our innovative Apple Pie Mix in 1981, Frupak has continued to grow its product range and processing capacity.

Our product range has expanded to include a variety of hot-fill purées made from locally grown apples, pears, stone and berry fruit, all with no added sugar or preservatives. Our selection includes purees of popular stone fruits such as apricot, peach, nectarine and plum, as well as unique options like feijoa.

Additionally, we have the capability to remove seeds from berry fruits like strawberry, raspberry, and kiwi.

Strong Orchard Relationships for Best Quality Fruit.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with local orchards, which allows us to consistently provide high-quality fruit for processing. We also work closely with customers to source specific types of fruit to meet their needs.

Frupak offers unparalleled freshness and flexibility in our fruit processing services through our on-site controlled atmosphere storage facilities and access to fresh apples year-round.

Our expertise in contract processing allows us to accommodate a wide range of fruits, including purees, juice, and pasteurized citrus fruits to meet our customers' specific needs. Our state-of-the-art juice press allows us to provide high-quality, non-concentrate fresh or pasteurized apple and pear juice in bulk packs, drums, pallecons, and tanker loads.